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Manage your entire communications infrastructure with an award winning cloud communications system built for your business.

A VoIP (or Voice Over Internet Protocol) system is a digital alternative to the traditional phone network and is designed to dramatically reduce the costs of communication. Powered by the cloud, it delivers a feature-rich low cost solution that your business will love.

Harness the power of a truly integrated, low-cost VoIP phone service with Push IT using Gamma Horizon Cloud.

VOIP telephones use the internet to make and receive calls, connecting seamlessly to a ‘normal’ telephone system. Our hosted telephone service allows your employees to stay connected and in touch, wherever in the world they happen to be and however they choose to work – whether it’s by desk or mobile phone, computer or laptop.

Thanks to VoIP telephone solutions from Push IT, your workforce can enjoy more flexible working practices, while your business will reap the benefits of improved efficiency and productivity.

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