Can I send a message to someone on Skype for Business from Microsoft Teams?

You can use Microsoft Teams to chat with someone who’s using Skype for Business. Simply start a one-on-one chat with the person you’d like to talk to, and they’ll get your message in Skype for Business. In the chat, you’ll have the opportunity to invite them to join you and the rest of the world in Microsoft Teams.

Which browsers are supported for Teams?

The Microsoft Teams app works in the following desktop browsers:

  1. Internet Explorer 11
  2. Microsoft Edge
  3. The latest version of Chrome
  4. The latest version of Firefox

Safari is not currently supported

What is Microsoft Teams and why would I use it?

Microsoft Teams is a messaging app for teams where all conversations, meetings, files, and notes can be accessed by everyone, all in one place. It’s a place for collaboration and work to happen in the open. Microsoft Team’s interface is reminiscent of social media chat clients, like Facebook or Google Hangouts.

What is the difference between Teams, Office 365 Groups and SharePoint?

Office 365 Groups, Teams and SharePoint are all different things within Microsoft’s Office 365 suite.

An Office 365 Group is a group of users in the Azure Directory who share access to a SharePoint site, a Yammer group, Planner and OneNote. When you create a Team, you are also creating an Office 365 Group for that Team, allowing the members of your Team access to everything within the Office 365 group for that Team (shared Planner, SharePoint site, OneNote etc). For further information on Office 365 Groups and how they relate to Teams, please email or call us.

What’s the difference between a feature and quality Microsoft update?

Feature updates are typically released twice per year and include new functionality and capabilities as well as potential fixes and security updates. Quality updates are more frequent and mainly include small fixes and security updates. Windows is designed to deliver both kinds of updates to devices through Windows Update.

How do I install Microsoft downloaded software?

Before you can use any software that you download, you must install it. For example, if you download a security update but do not install it, the update will not provide any protection for your computer. Follow these steps to save and install a download:

  1. On the download details page, click the Download button.
  2. A dialogue box will open. Click the Save button.
  3. You will be prompted to select a location for the download on your computer. Select an appropriate location and click the Save button.
  4. When the file has finished downloading, you will see a second dialog box. If you want to install the file immediately, click the Open button. This launches an installation wizard.
  5. If you do not want to immediately install the file, click the Close button. When you are ready to install the file, double-click the file to launch the installation wizard.

Note: When you save a download file, make sure to save it to a location that you will remember when you are ready to install the download. We suggest creating a special folder on your desktop to which you always save downloads. Follow these steps to create such a downloads folder:

  1. Right-click an unused area of your desktop.
  2. Point to New, and then click Folder.
  3. Give the folder a name, such as My Downloads.
Why are Microsoft software updates necessary?

Microsoft is committed to providing its customers with software that has been tested for safety and security. Although no system is completely secure, we use processes, technology, and several specially focused teams to investigate, fix, and learn from security issues to help us meet this goal and to provide guidance to customers on how to help protect their PCs.

As part of the Microsoft software release process, all software released to the Download Centre is scanned for malware before it is made available for public download. Additionally, after release, the software available from the Download Centre is routinely scanned for malware. Microsoft recognizes that the threat environment is constantly changing and will continue to evolve over time, and we are committed to process improvements that will help protect our customers from malware threats

How do I find my Windows Product Key?

The product key is located inside the product packaging, on the receipt or confirmation page for a digital purchase or in a confirmation e-mail that shows you purchased Windows. If you purchased a digital copy from Microsoft Store, you could locate your product key in your Account under Digital Content.

Windows 8.1 & 10: The product key may be embedded on the motherboard or may be on the Certificate of Authenticity sticker on the bottom of the device.