VoIP Phone Systems from Push IT in Bristol & Bath

Here at Push IT, we setup VoIP Phone Systems for businesses throughout Bristol, Bath and surrounding areas. Talk to your team anytime, anywhere.

Microsoft 365 Business Voice – a Cloud-based VoIP System.

Control your business telephone systems via the cloud with Microsoft 365 Business Voice through Push IT – a Gold Partner with Microsoft. With Push IT knowledge and support, your VoIP phone system can be fully or partially managed through us.

Integrating with Microsoft Teams, gives the best all round communication hub for your employees. Microsoft 365 Business Voice is a modern cloud-based telephone solution that integrates into Microsoft 365 combining with the benefits already experienced with Microsoft Teams. Whether you are a one person operation, or you have thousands of employees, our personalised solutions meet the needs of every size business in any industry. When your virtual phone system is this easy to use, you quickly accelerate your return on investment and advance your business!

Make a call from anywhere, on any device. Push – Leave IT to Us. Get your VoIP phone systems setup today – allowing your remote working to work seamlessly without any connection issues or loss of business through dodgy connections and phone lines.

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With all your work functions centralised through the right IT, people’s time is freed-up to concentrate on their core skills and value-add to the business. Multiply this efficiency and time saving across the entire organisation and it’s clear what a boost this can create for business.